Legacy of Exceptional Care

With the purchase of their first facility in 1975, Jack and Eldora Vetter began a tradition of care that has endured through the years as a respected example of excellence to many others in the profession. However, it is not the profession that has held this company’s focus all these years. It is, instead, the individuals who live with us.

From the beginning, Jack and Eldora stressed that one thing matters most: relationships. If the connections between people are strong, our residents and team members are healthy, happy, and productive—and we become family. We know it’s the only way to build a comfortable home that is filled with life, love, and happiness.

View TimelineFor that reason, we look at everything we do through the filter of relationships. Our dedication to the people we serve is captured in a mission that was drafted many years ago: “Dignity in Life.” This mission has endured through decades. It means we strive to provide those we serve everything they need (physically, emotionally, and spiritually) to feel respected, fulfilled, useful, healthy, and secure. We use the same filter for our team, creating an environment of work that is encouraging, positive, fulfilling—even fun.

Our vision and values that make up the mission, “Dignity in Life”, is our living, dynamic guide—much, much more than a token corporate statement. It directly impacts our work and the lives of those for whom we care. We hope you will begin to understand the depth of our commitment to them and to our mission. If you are part of the VSL team, we challenge you to take on this mission as your own guide, whole-heartedly, with a personal commitment that matches the intensity of our legacy.

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